Twitter chat; Paladins.

Posted: July 17, 2010 in Gaming, Prot Paladin, Warcraft

Well I wanted to do a long ass post about something that has nothing to do with wow, but it seems the gods at blizzard feel a rant at the UK news channels will need to be saved for another day. So instead, heres some Review of the paladin changes, mainly the prot one..s..

Warning this might involve me cooing like a 13 year old girl finding a topless pictures of that twat from twilight hugging the wolf one surrounded by kittens at one change.

Q. Any thought to having Retribution paladins use spell power plate to help put Holy paladins on equal footing as other healers?
A. We think Retribution paladins needs to use strength plate. Changing this would require a lot of funky solutions, such as how we handle Crusader Strike damage, and trying to control Retribution from being too powerful a healer. We realize it’s odd to itemize spell power plate for one specialization, but we think all of the solutions to this issue are worse than just living with it.

While I do think its kind of unfair on other healers that holy gets all the healer plate, have to agree with the blue here, this would lead to terrible terrible balance issues, over doseing of maths and well just arguments. added if rets scaled with int items, whats to stop them needing caster cloth?

Q : What is the goal when re-designing the paladin class? How do you plan to change rotations, talents, etc?
A. All of the paladin specializations will make use of a new resource called Holy Power. Holy Power accumulates from using Crusader Strike, Holy Shock, and some other talents. Holy Power can be consumed to augment a variety of abilities, including:

  • An instant mana-free heal: Word of Glory
  • A buff to increase holy damage done: Inquisition
  • A massive physical melee attack for Retribution paladins: Templar’s Verdict
  • Holy Shield’s duration is now extended by Holy Power
  • Divine Storm’s damage is now increased by Holy Power

We also introduced several new heals for Holy Paladins including Healing Hands (an AoE heal-over-time that is applied to all players standing near the paladin), Light of Dawn (a cone heal with a 30-yard range), as well as a new heal called Divine Light, which is similar to a priest’s Greater Heal, and the new instant heal mentioned above, Word of Glory.

Ok this is that twilight change, this change is something I wish to have sex with. When they said they were changing paladins a lot, I Scoffed, they said all the “Massive changes planned in the past have been damp farts”. But this if this is a sign of the incoming changes, Well Shave my ass and call me the Pope.

Ok first things first, I don’t see mana going away, this will be more like the Warlocks Soul shards system they’ve added or runic power is to some DK specs, not used for the main ability’s like crusader strike or.. well.. what ever it is we have to use in a few weeks time they they drop the real spec.

Should point out that holy shield is apprently becoming Shield block esq move rather than the flat buff it is currently. So the proposed buff here will be a lot better than it currently sounds (it sounds terrible if you base it on live)

The biggest buff here is that paladins will now have A LOT more to think of rather than just Spamming holy light, 96 rotations or which ever move comes off cooldown first.

More explanation farther down.

Q: Are Protection paladins still going to refresh Divine Plea on melee hit (via a talent or trained ability)?
A. Yes.

Thank the lord. Ok I’ll explane, in the beta build they removed this from the trees but made DP so that it has no cooldown, so rather than just have it up all the time, they made it so that you’d need to refresh it every 15 seconds. now considering they wanted to get rid of boring “ok X time has passed press Y now skills,” like holy shield is..well no like all paladin tankings kills are now. Making Divine plea act in this way would have been shooting themselvs in the foot, and possably a massive threat drop (think if you had to use Blood rage etc every 15 seconds to do any threat.

Q: Can you give us a sneak peek at one or two of the new Retribution abilities or talents?
A. Templar’s Verdict: An instant weapon attack that causes a percentage of weapon damage. Consumes all applications of Holy Power to increase damage dealt:

  • 1 Holy Power: 55% Weapon Damage
  • 2 Holy Power: 125% Weapon Damage
  • 3 Holy Power: 225% Weapon Damage

Word of Glory: Consumes all Holy Power to heal a friendly target for a specific amount per application of Holy Power (0 mana cost, 0 cooldown, instant cast).

Have to say this feels good, Im hoping the skills are bound to your spec, Much akin to how divine storm and avengers shield may or may not be at the moment.

Im hoping the end looks like this. (not all of them, that would be stupid)

  • All 3 -+Holy damage
  • Prot;
  • Holy shield buff
  • Spell Absorb. (make it so you have to plan which one to use rather thanjust mash 1 button)
  • Argent Defender? the current(beta) one is kind of terrible
  • Reconing! Sorry I just want it back :<.
  • Ret;
  • Templar’s Verdict
  • Run speed boost (PVPers have wanted a gap closer for a while. this one could be good)
  • Damage absorbent shield. (weaker than what prot would want for PVE, more PVP love)
  • Ok, um, hard to see what PvE would need  bar Templar’s Verdict so um, yeah
  • Holy
  • An instant mana-free heal: Word of Glory
  • A haste on cast
  • A man Regen boost
  • Yeah thats it.

Q: If Judgement of Wisdom is being removed from the game, are paladins getting a new Judgement so we don’t all have to use Judgement of Light?
A. There will only be one Judgement spell. This spell places a single debuff on the target with the effects currently associated with Judgement of Light and Judgement of Justice. The Judgement of Wisdom effect has been retired completely.

Mentioned this before Cant really disagree with having less buttons on my bar, good change, just hope they balance the new classes round not having this mana regen, Oh and good night druids, no more destroying bad paladins because they don’t know what Judgement of justice does.

Q: Are the improved aura talents going away? They were still present in beta.
A. If you mean talents like Improved Devotion Aura, then those are gone. We still have talents that, say, increase healing on targets of your auras. Improved Concentration Aura still exists. In genera, though, you shouldn’t have to worry about having raid buffs of different power competing with each other.

Fan-fucking-tastic, nothing else to say really, 3 points more to spend on something else.

Nice Chat for paladins, was worried we were going to go the way of mages and get 1-2 questions asked, one of them by an idiot.

Now, Ghostcrawler, please, please make reconing come back, I miss it already (don’t spec it or anything, just nice to know its there)


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