In 1720, Monks on the island of Caldey south Wales were visited by a ghostly image of singer song writer Rod Stuart foretold of the birth of a man that would change the world.  In 1986 that prophecy was for filled. Raised by the Rock band the beatles after falling back in time, at the age of 8 he beat his first horse to the ground and finished his PHD is advance time travel, explaning how he was raised by people one of which had died before his birth.

At 14 he was married with 190 children, named after the lyrics from the song War Pigs from black Sabbath.  In 1919 he single handedly Defeated Mexico in the first world war, after a memo he had received  from the pope having a  fatal typo, the war dubed “the great Poncho murder” was on the most part ignored by the rest of the world.

At the age of 18 he competed in a one on one fight with the concept of Hate, Winning 5 rounds to 4 in a fight lastly a mere 49 years. After losing, the concept of hate had his revenge for his loss, birthing Piers Morgan,  Michel Bay and the Shitty hip hop band NDubz.

That man, is not making a stupid wow blog.

Ryyus on the other hand is a Long turm gamer from south wales, Currently living in England. Mostly playing a mix of WOW as a protection speced paladin and Xbox360 games. He just used his full about page talking bullshit.




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