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Ok carry on.

Blizzard recently announced they won’t, or well probably won’t, be removing the drake achievement’s from current content, meaning at some point most of us will be able to Power our way though lvl 80 content as lvl 80 Gods of death to get our ironbound or w/e. Now, I personally don’t really care either way(aka don’t want an argument in my comments), so rather than head to the forums and call ghostcrawler names (well ok I cant since the bastard never posts in the EU) I got thinking, what would Meta style mount  achievements for level 60-70 look like? I mean, some of the mecanics of the clasic stuff are…well poor, but a hell of a lot of the mechanics from MC days are as basic as they come regardless of what nostalgic idiots people think. But hell, BWL was an amazing contrast of boss ability’s, AQ and naxx60 were even better (well ignore naxx due to it already being done)

Deflier of the Core 25 Reward; Tabard of the Flame

The Molten Core – Defeat Ragnaros

The Doom song! – Defeat Lucifron without Impending Doom dealing damage.

Play Play dead…oops -Defeat Magmadar in under 5 minuets .

Gehennas Khan! –  Defeat Gehennas without killing any Flamewalker Elites

A step too Garr! – Defeat Garr and 8 Firesworn within 20 seconds of each other.

Tick, Tick, Tick- BOOM!- Defeat Baron Geddon without more than one person being dammaged by Living Bomb at any one time.

ARMA-GEDDON- Defeat Baron Geddon without alowing him to cast Armageddon

Puppy love-Defeat Golemagg the Incinerator without letting Golemagg’s Trust dissipate.

No need for Mortal strike- Defeat Sulfuron Harbinger without allowing Heal to be cast.

I am Rubber, you are Glue- Defeat Majordomo Executus without any spells being reflected.

My sons! Avenge me! – Defeat Ragnaros with at least 6 Sons of Flame alive.

Can’t stand the heat! – Defeat Ragnaros without anyone having more than 80 fire resistance.

Ok wow that was quite fun, Id advice people to do there own, you have all classic and TBC 10-20-25-40 man raids and, well ALOT of 5 Mans.

Ill try doing some more, Try making your own, Fun way to feel nostalgic of old raids.